Sager Family


Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) is a global network of 20,000 business leaders in 100 countries. YPO members’ companies in aggregate generate more than $4.3 trillion in sales per year, equivalent to the world’s third largest economy in terms of GDP. Many YPO members also serve as active philanthropists, foundation leaders, ambassadors, government ministers, and leaders of prominent think tanks. The YPO network with its members’ entrepreneurial skills, amazing combined Rolodex and ability to get things done represents an opportunity to make a unique impact in the world.

Bobby Sager and Sager Family Foundation have launched several initiatives to make it possible for YPO members to use YPO as a platform to make a difference.

Presidents’ Action Net

Sager Family Foundation has funded the creation and launch of YPO Presidents’ Action Net, an online platform and matching service that connects YPO members with their most influential peers to maximize their individual efforts to make a difference. Presidents’ Action Net collects detailed information about the YPO members who have the greatest influence and resources, and it connects peers who can add unique value to each others’ work.

Peace Action Network

Bobby Sager is a co-founder of Peace Action Network, which brings together business leaders in conflict areas who are members of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and World Presidents’ Organization (WPO) through YPO-style Forums to build bridges. Sager Family Foundation funded the creation of Peace Action Network and provides ongoing support of Forum activities.