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Sager Family Traveling Foundation and Roadshow

Who We Are

We empower leaders in areas of conflict and crisis.

The Sager Family Traveling Foundation & Roadshow began in 2000 when Bobby Sager, his wife Elaine, daughter Tess and son Shane traveled in the developing world for over a year to engage in “hands-on, eyeball-to-eyeball philanthropy.”  Working together as a family, the Sagers apply their entrepreneurial skills and Rolodex to make an impact in areas of conflict and crisis, including Rwanda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Zimbabwe and Palestine.  They travel as a family several times a year to do the hands-on work of their foundation.

The foundation focuses on empowering leaders in these countries.  The Sagers think of leaders as people who have the ability to impact many others.  The foundation’s initiatives include providing marketing and product design support to women’s handicraft cooperatives in Palestine and Rwanda (, teaching Western science to Tibetan Buddhist monks who will lead their exiled community in India (, and creating opportunity through microenterprise for Rwandan women.
The Sagers’ philosophy is that using yourself as the "currency" (i.e. contributing your time, energy and unique talents, rather than just your checkbook) is the best way to maximize the return on investment you get from philanthropy.