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Bobby talks with groups of leaders with the goal of inspiring them to use their own unique skills and gifts to make a difference. Bobby can customize a talk incorporating a combination of these themes depending on the audience.

How to apply your entrepreneurial skill set to make a difference (for business leaders)

Bobby believes that business leaders have the ability to make a powerful difference in the world, but not by using their checkbooks. He believes that the entrepreuneur’s skill set -- the ability to do deals, to tap into a Rolodex of influential contacts, to see opportunities, and to get things done – can make a unique impact. Bobby talks about his own experience as a successful entrepreneur who decided to refocus his skill set on making a difference.

He encourages other entrepreneurs to use themselves as the "currency" – to contribute their time, energy and talents rather than just their money to maximize the return on investment they get from philanthropy. He offers examples from his foundation of using business as an agent of social change though microcredit and social enterprise initiatives.

How to use Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) as a platform to maximize the impact of your efforts to make a difference (for members of YPO)

Bobby has a particularly powerful message to the 18,000 business leaders in 110 countries who belong to Young Presidents’ Organization: that YPO’s unique combination of intimacy among members, entrepreneurial skills and global network makes it a platform to do tremendous good in the world. Bobby talks about strategies for YPO members to maximize the impact of their individual efforts to make a difference by leveraging YPO as a platform. He offers the example of YPO Peace Action Network, which convenes business leaders from different sides of conflicts into confidential forums that generate insights and shared solutions to impact the conflict.

Themes from The Power of the Invisible Sun

Bobby often presents the images and messages of his book The Power of the Invisible Sun to groups of leaders.

Hope is a Game-Changer Bobby presents the remarkable photographs that he has taken of children he met in war-torn areas such as Afghanistan, Rwanda, Pakistan and Palestine. These images, seen by over 4 million people on the 2007-8 The Police reunion tour during their song “Invisible Sun,” show the transcendent power of hope in the eyes of children. “Hope is the most important thing that people need to move forward. The slightest ray of hope can ignite the human spirit’s ability to overcome: the power of the invisible sun … Hope isn’t just nice, it’s a game-changer.”

Eyeball-to-Eyeball Philanthropy “Far from the tradition of writing a check and going to the annual dinner, being hands-on, looking people in their eyes, feeling their humanity, and letting them feel yours isn’t just helping, it’s a way to live life to the fullest. And that’s the best return on investment I’ve ever gotten by a long shot.”

Be Selfish, Go Help Someone “By being on the ground, face-to-face with the people we are trying to help, my family and I get to live amazing life moments, learning, feeling and accomplishing. That’s what I mean by being selfish.”

Living Life Beyond Your Bubble

Bobby hopes that by sharing his family’s experiences traveling around the world to make a difference, he will offer audiences some insights into living the fullest possible life. In 1999, Bobby and his wife Elaine, along with daughter Tess and son Shane, made the decision to pack up their things and venture out into some of the most dangerous places on the planet to make a difference. Bobby hopes that his stories will inspire audiences in ways that impact their own lives and that make an impact on others.

The Sagers have found a path to fullness in their lives by going outside their bubbles – by exposing themselves to people and circumstances outside their comfort zones. Their experiences include traveling extensively in Palestine as a Jewish family, living as a family in tents in refugee camps in Pakistan, and doing hands-on philanthropy in post-genocide Rwanda. Through these experiences, they have learned the importance of stripping away the filters that people use to see the world (e.g. Jew vs. Muslim, wealthy vs. poor, white vs. black). Their message to other families is that they don’t need to travel to Palestine, Pakistan or Rwanda to go outside their bubbles. Other families can have similar experiences just around the corner from their homes by spending time with people completely different from themselves – by spending time at a hospice, by taking time to talk with taxi drivers, or by talking with musicians if you’re an engineer.

Bobby often talks with groups about how helping people who are the total opposite of you can be an incredibly rich experience. For example, he talks with Jewish groups about his experiences helping Muslim people, and with groups of Americans about helping people in Afghanistan


  • United Nations General Assembly Hall, Concert for Pakistan
  • Sydney Opera House, Young Presidents’ Organization Global Leadership Summit
  • Young Presidents’ Organization, various including Presidents’ Universities and Global Leadership
  • Conferences
  • Harvard University, Harvard Business School
  • Brandeis University, Heller School of Social Policy and Management
  • Oxford University
  • Celebration of Entrepreneurship, Dubai
  • Jewish Communal Appeal, Sydney
  • The One Planet, Dubai
  • The Paley Center, New York
  • Tribeca Film Festival, New York
  • Grand Mosque, Oman
  • Aiwan-e-Sadr, Residence of the President of Pakistan
  • Global Action Forum, Los Angeles
  • International Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas


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