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Teacher Training Center

The 2005 earthquake in Pakistan destroyed or severely damaged over 10,000 schools and killed nearly 1000 teachers, severely impacting the educational system in the affected areas. UNICEF estimated that 960,000 school-age children needed school support, of which 450,000 are of primary school age.
Schools had to be rebuilt quickly to ensure that close to a million children did not lose valuable time and could resume their education with minimal disruption.
The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a Pakistan-based NGO, rose to the challenge and built a network of 25 schools in these areas to restore the educational system destroyed by the earthquake.
But just building schools was not enough to meet the unique educational challenges of the earthquake hit areas. A major priority was the hiring and training of teachers who not only replaced teachers lost to the devastating earthquake, but who could also handle teaching traumatized children. To face these challenges, the region needed a teacher training center to provide pre-service and annual developmental training to school faculty.
The teacher training center, named the TCF – Sager Teacher Center, was built in the village of Pano Dehri, which is situated in the Mansehra district of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP).  The location is only 90 miles from the Swat Valley, which was recently under the control of the Taliban militia. The militia destroyed countless schools and banned education for girls.
Construction of TCF – Sager Teacher Center was completed in March 2010 and launched operations in April 2010.
The TCF – Sager Teacher Center has the capacity to train 100 faculty staff from the surrounding TCF school clusters at any given time. The training facility has lecture halls, a library, group study rooms and a cafeteria. In addition, there are offices for the Education Manager, Master Trainers and visiting staff. There is also a multi-purpose hall as well as a science laboratory. A computer laboratory is available for training teachers and equipping them to deal with fast changes in modern technology.

Why We Are Doing It

By funding the creation of this teacher training center, we hope to contribute to the restoration of the educational system in the area, destroyed by the 2005 earthquake. A direct measure of success of the initiative is how effectively the teacher training center meets the faculty hiring and training needs of the schools in the surrounding areas.
Through the teacher training center we aim to provide training facilities for TCF school faculty on quality education methods, using first-rate training aids and methods of instruction.
The teacher training center ensures that schools being built by TCF will be adequately staffed with teachers trained to handle teaching of traumatized children, thus helping the rehabilitation of the educational system in the earthquake hit area.
Additionally, this project has other far-reaching benefits. It creates attractive and respectable employment opportunities, particularly for women with a teaching background or the basic education required for teaching certain disciplines. As result, this project enables women to become a part of the local area development process while contributing significantly to their family income.