Sager Family

Bobby Sager (WPO New England) wins Hickok Award, YPO’s most prestigious award for distinguished service to the organization.

For only the nineteenth time in its 63 year history, Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) has presented its highest honor, the Hickok Award, to one of its 20,000 members around the world. At its 2013 Global Leadership Conference in Istanbul, YPO recognized Bobby Sager for embodying founder Ray Hickok’s transformative impact on the organization, which now represents 10% of the global economy.

Bobby has been a pioneer in catalyzing YPO as a platform to make a difference. YPO, along with its graduate organization World Presidents’ Organization (WPO), is a global network of 20,000 business leaders in 120 countries whose companies’ sales are equivalent to the world’s third largest economy. In 2001, Bobby was a founding chairman of the YPO Peace Action Network, which convenes business leaders from different sides of conflicts. Peace Action Network has now grown into eight Social Enterprise Networks with 4000 presidents who are engaged in making a difference efforts all over the world. Bobby has served as moderator for both the India-Pakistan Action Forum and American Arab Action Forum. YPO recognized Bobby as the first ever recipient of their Global Humanitarian Award. Bobby is also the founding chairman of Presidents’ Action Net, an international network of business leaders that maximizes their philanthropic impact by sharing advice, contacts, best practices and resources.

"Bobby is an iconic WPO member and is an inspirational reminder to all of us that we can all make a meaningful difference in this world" said Robert Dorfman (WPO Hong Kong, WPO China).