Sager Family


In addition to our direct, hands-on initiatives the Sager Family Traveling Foundation and Roadshow teams with various partners to sponsor and support existing initiatives aimed at impacting leaders, taking concrete baby steps, and spreading hope. One such initiative is the Lenny Zakim Fund and Lenny Zakim Fund Institute.

Based on the vision of founder Lenny Zakim (1953-1999) that any one person can change the world, the Lenny Zakim Fund ( seeks to identify, listen to, support, and connect grassroots community organizations and programs operating “below the radar screen” of large charitable groups and government grants. The grants range from $1,000 to $15,000 to help these organizations achieve their goals and become role models in their community. Through the Lenny Zakim Fund and the Lenny Zakim Fund Institute, the Sager Family Foundation is making community leaders much more effective by developing skills that will enhance their abilities to make a difference in their communities.

Overview of Initiative

The Sager Family Foundation was deeply involved in the creation of the Lenny Zakim Fund. It continues its support by funding the Lenny Zakim Fund Institute, as it believes that the grant recipients in these “street level” organizations are true leaders in their communities, working passionately to improve the conditions of their target populations.

Twice a year the Lenny Zakim Fund sponsors free informational programs or “Institutes” designed to help grant recipients develop their capacity building skills and benefit from the networking opportunities.

Elaine is on the Board of Directors of the Lenny Zakim Fund and is the Chairman of the Lenny Zakim Fund Institute Committee.

Why WE Are Doing It

The Lenny Zakim Fund, continuing Lenny Zakim’s belief that any one person can change the world, may be the best examples of a concrete baby step initiative. The Lenny Zakim Fund supports the efforts of individuals who are the change they want to see in the world. Instead of outsourcing community problems to governments and large organizations these community activists refuse to give up and decide to take their own actions to make the world a better place. Like our initiatives these activists aren’t trying to change the world on a grand scale rather they make a difference in their own circumstance.