Sager Family


The Sager Family Foundation works to bring together business, political and religious leaders, as well as leaders from the academic and entertainment worlds, to tackle specific global issues. Leveraging the Sagers’ membership in global networks of leaders, Sager Family Foundation helps people to “connect the dots.”

Here’s a list of some of the networks we mobilize:

Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)
-    Social Enterprise Networks
-    Peace Action Network
-    Rwanda Action Forum
-    American Arab Action Forum
-    Youth Social Enterprise Networks (Y-SEN)

World Presidents’ Organization (WPO)

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)



Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)

Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED)

Foundation Source

Lenny Zakim Fund

Jewish Funders Network

Global Action Forum

Brandeis Heller School

Yale School of Organization and Management

Sometimes connecting the dots can mean serving as a hub for these networks to help an individual maximize the impact of their individual efforts to make a difference by connecting him/her to someone in another network who can uniquely add value.

Sometimes it can mean taking best practices from one of these networks and helping to transfer it to another network, as we have done by introducing the methodology of YPO Forums to other networks like Clinton Global Initiative and Lenny Zakim Fund.
Sometime it can mean bringing together leaders from one or multiple networks to address a specific issue, as Bobby did by arranging and hosting the first-ever joint meeting between the Israel and Palestine Chapter of YPO at Sting's concert in Tel Aviv. Almost the entire Palestinian and Israeli membership attended. Members from both sides spent three hours listening to each other, trying to understand more with the hope that maybe with that understanding, they would gain some real insight, and with that insight, plus the power of their network, make a difference; maybe just with family and friends, maybe through local and national leaders.