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Hope is the most important thing that people need to move forward. The slightest ray of hope can ignite the human spirit’s ability to overcome:

the power of the invisible sun

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In 2009, Sager Family Foundation, in collaboration with Chronicle Books, published The Power of the Invisible Sun, a book authored by Bobby Sager about the power of hope, thankfulness, and Bobby’s approach to making a difference by making oneself the currency.  The book features the remarkable photographs that Bobby has taken of children he met in war-torn areas such as Afghanistan, Rwanda, Pakistan and Palestine.  Chronicle Books wrote about Bobby’s book: “In war-torn countries around the world, philanthropist and photographer Bobby Sager has discovered the transcendent power of hope through the eyes of children.  Despite unthinkable violence and destruction, his portraits reveal joy, innocence, and strength.”  The Power of the Invisible Sun was featured on NBC’s The Today Show, and Bobby was featured as ABC World News’ “Person of the Week” for his work. 

The Power of the Invisible Sun is the first in a series of books authored by Bobby that Sager Family Foundation plans to publish, incorporating Bobby’s photography and insights gained from the Sagers’ experiences doing “eyeball to eyeball” philanthropy.  Our goal in publishing these books is to further the mission of Sager Family Foundation by inspiring people to make a difference by making themselves the currency. 

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The Power of the Invisible Sun


I didn't write THE POWER OF THE INVISIBLE SUN to sit on your coffee table and look good. I wrote it to stimulate people's thinking about how to live a more connected and impactful life.

I met the children in this book while traveling around the world with my family over the past ten years and devoting myself to philanthropy. I came face-to-face with them because I was there to help, and that's a big part of the connection you see in their eyes.

I chose to only use the images of children because it is through the strength and possibilities you see in their young eyes that the power of the invisible sun can become so compelling. I wanted you to see what I see. Feel what I feel. Have your hearts opened up in new ways.

At the end of the book I ask the question NOW WHAT? And it's my hope that by the time you reach the end of the book, you'll be compelled to answer it. To do something. Anything. Because that's the point. I don't want you to feel sorry for them and want to give them a hug. Just the opposite. I want you to take strength from their strength, feel more thankful in your own life, and in return, go find ways to give others hope - not just by giving money, but by giving something of yourself.

Everyone has to connect their own dots. I hope the experience of this book, in some small way, helps you to connect yours.

- Bobby

A Message from Sting

My friend Bobby Sager had been taking photographs of children in war-torn areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Rwanda, and the refugee camps of northern Pakistan and Palestine. Their faces are a perfect visual analogue for my song "Invisible Sun." You can clearly see the anguish and torment in the eyes of those children brought up among violence and injustice, bombs and bullets, but in the next frame (and this is Bobby's genius) the laughter and hope in their eyes when he surprises them with acting the fool, some unexpected zaniness like blowing a raspberry, and engaging them on a simple human level as his right hand clicks away to capture these unforgettable images. This is the invisible sun made visible.

- Sting